About Anisa

You’re probably asking yourself a million questions right now. Who is this GimmeMyMascara girl? What’s she like? What’s her story? You wanted answers and so you ended up here, on the GimmeMyMascara About Page; welcome!

Let’s start with the basics. My name is Anisa and I’m 19 year old.  I’m currently a second year university student studying professional writing and communication technology.

I’m obsessed with all things related to beauty, hair, makeup, and really, anything that sparkles or shines. I am so excited to share this little piece of my life with you all; thank you for coming on this journey with me. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do…

Who/What encouraged you to start blogging?

In December 2013 I started my YouTube channel. I’d been watching beauty videos for years and I knew more than the average teen about anything and everything in the beauty world. I was known in high school as the “Beauty Guru,” the one who would eventually end up on YouTube and the one who everyone went to for hair and makeup advice.

Over the past couple of months as a YouTuber, I’ve had the opportunity to meet some of my favourite YouTube super stars in NYC, get personal makeup lessons from celebrity makeup artist, Mario Dedivanovic, I’ve attended beauty shows like BeautyCon and  IMATShad lunches and make overs with brands like Bumble and Bumble  and Smashbox. I could never have asked for anything more. Youtube was always just a fun place to be, somewhere to express my love of beauty and find some friends who shared in my passion, it’s become so much more…

“The love of beauty is taste, the creation of beauty is art..” 

To add to my adventure I wanted to start a blog.  I recently started writing and it seemed like this would be a great way for my viewers to read about and learn more about me, as a person. When the opportunity came up to take a social media and blog writing class for school there was just no way I could say “no”. This way I was getting tips and tricks from an actual professor who has a degree in blogging?! What a dream job that must be!

What is something most people don’t know about you?

I feel like a very open book most of the time. I will tell you basically anything if you just ask but here’s a short list of shocking things you might not have known…

  1. I use and carry an agenda with me EVERYWHERE. If I don’t write down what you say as it’s coming out of your mouth, it’s history. 
  2. After reading my first point this might be a total shocker but I am the biggest procrastinator there is. Yes, I have an agenda and I write everything down in it but when it comes to actually doing things and crossing them off my list… that just takes me longer than usual which usually ends up in a lot of late nights.
  3. I HATE driving.  I don’t like cars, mine or anyone else’s, I have a Buick 2015 Encore, for those of you who might be curious. I think driving is scary, and I hate it. Don’t even get me started on parking, it gives me anxiety knowing I actually have to turn into a parking spot without hitting anything and have my car look straight at the same time. I do however like the freedom of being able to go where I want when I want to, but I’m pretty sure a personal driver could just drive me to Sephora or Starbucks…
  4. I’m a very sentimental person. I keep everything from plane tickets, hotel soap bars, letters and post it notes. I also screenshot almost every text I get and I take way too many pictures. I won’t even throw out an old shirt if I wore it somewhere special. (I’ve even kept spoons from Frozen Yogurt night… weird? Totally.)

How would you describe your style?

I would describe my personal style as classy and sophisticated with a girly touch.  I love wearing darker colors like greys, blacks, oxblood or cobalt blue and then adding some fun to my look with a colored accessory or makeup look. I also love adding diamonds and bling to complete my look and I am OBSESSED with statement necklaces.

I also love breaking the rules and wearing different colours together or adding multiple prints and textures into one look. I never try to define my style or to wear something that can fit into one category or another. I think fashion and beauty are about expression and I really just buy and wear whatever I like at that exact moment. 

What do you do when you’re not blogging?

  • I love catching up on beauty videos, vlogs or re-watching my favourite TV shows like Boy Meets World, Gossip Girl, or Pretty Little Liars
  • I believe a good magazine and a bubble bath helps calm the soul 
  • I love baking and anything sweet..I have a total sweet tooth
  • I also love hanging out with friends, just talking (or gossiping, hehe) and spending time with the people who matter most to me (preferably at Starbucks or the mall.)

I think that’s all I can come up with for now.  If you’d like to know anything else in particular, check out the Beauty Blogger Tag I’ve done, or leave it in a comment below! xoxo Anisa


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