The WORST Kate Spade Online Experience, EVER! Ft. No Free Shipping?! |Gimmemymascara

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If you’ve been following my blog, or YouTube channels for a while you’ll know how obsessed I am with Kate Spade! (Follow this link to see previous Kate Spade planner posts of mine.. planner review, and DIY Kate Spade planner stickers!) I’ve used their planners for years now and my room is decorated with their handbags. I love their accessories and their way of life; confident and colourful, fun, yet sophisticated- it’s everything I stand for. So- you can imagine my dismay when I tried to place an order for a new planner on their website and came across the WORST online customer service of my online shopping life.

I was heartbroken.

Here’s how it went down…

I had been to a Chapters book store earlier this morning in hopes of finding a new back to school planner, I of course had my eye on the Kate Spade 17 month planner, as per usual, but thought I would try out the medium instead of the large this year. My local Chapters was out of stock, and that’s where the heartbreak began.

I jumped to the Kate Spade website to see which ones they had online and see where else I could pick one up from, the Kate Spade website immediately offered me 15% off my total purchase and free shipping for signing up with my email, and you know how much we all LOVE free shipping. I found the planner I wanted and figured I would just order it online instead of heading to another Chapters, and I figured I would order some other goodies with my new coupon code as well. How exciting!

Later that night, as I browsed through their website and added a total of 6 glamorous items to my cart, Credit Card in hand, I was ready to order. I had copy and pasted in my promo code, and smiled soothly at all the red amounts that were being taken off my bill. I continued to ease through check out in pure content of my new purchases and then I saw it…. STANDARD SHIPPING: $9.99

WHAT?! No, I was promised FREE shipping. I wasn’t adding another $10 to my order, that defeats the whole purpose of shopping an online sale. As confused as I was, I tried to stay calm.

*Note: As I was checking out I also realized all prices were listed in AMERICAN dollars…. not a good thing for a CANADIAN shopper. That means that my planner was not $30, my towel was not $10 and this shipping was not going to be just $9.99 … insert rolling eye emoji here. That really should be something we put on the home page, wouldn’t you agree? LIKE this post if you agree and you too have been stuck in the world of price conversions! *

I hit the online help button, entered my name and email, and a shorter version of this story… An associate had come online to help me, said Hello, and then went on to explain how standard shipping is free for all US orders… I live in Canada. I had re- explained to her the FREE SHIPPING comment from earlier and asked for further clarification when… SHE. ENDED. OUR. CHAT.

I was shocked! How RUDEEEEE!

I then opened a new online chat window, was greeted with another Hello, and copy and pasted my story into the text box. Associate #2 asked me what product numbers I was trying to purchase. This wasn’t going well. I was having problems with my shipping. What did it matter which 2018 planner I was purchasing? I typed in my style code, and… SHE. ENDED. OUR. CHAT.


I picked up my cell phone, entered their 1-888 hotline and waited, very patiently, for someone to pick up the phone. I took a few deep breaths- in and out… this was getting very serious. I calmly explained to the associate on the phone what had happened to me, both in store, with the online help service, my hassle with their shipping, and American to Canadian conversion rates. This lovely person was happy to help me, and to report both online associates, and offered me my respectable, and well deserved, free shipping. Thank You. Kate Spade, I must say, I was very disappointed in you, I appreciate the free shipping, but I would have appreciated a smother check out a lot more.

Any-who, my planner shall be here in a week, and I shall tell you all about it, and how I organize it for back-to-school then. Until then, take care, shop safe, and live colourfully. xoxo Anisa


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