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For as long as I can remember, my skin has been oily. And, I mean, OILY, like fry some chicken nuggets on my nose in the summer kinda oily, gross, I know. (The skin, not the nuggets, those are always delish.)

Imagine my shock when I came to realized that I was actually interested in trying out some dewier skin care products this summer… I was in Pakistan a few months ago and the extreme heat was really HELPING my skin… it was the strangest thing but the hot, humid weather was pulling all the dirt and oil out of my skin , leaving my skin at it’s all time best! Woo Hoo! I got back to Canada a while ago and the cold air wasn’t helping to preserve my new supermodel skin, so I decided to try out some new products to help add that glowing goddess look back! unnamed

The first product that I’ve been using RELIGIOUSLY for the past few months, morning and night, is the Bobby Brown EXTRA Face Oil. I’ve always been terrified of face oils and my traumatic experience with the Tarte Maracuja Oil wasn’t helping…

But, I had a mini sample of this stuff from an old Sephora event so I gave it another go… I applied a few drops into my palm, rubbed them together, and then gently patted the product onto my face and continued patting until it felt like the product was actually starting to seep into my skin, what a pleasant surprise! I rubbed the rest into my skin in upwards circular motions, and I was so thrilled at how easily the product was absorbing into my skin instead of leaving an oily film on it. I could instantly see a new radiance to my cheeks and I could the moisture returning! I was so thrilled to find a product that was really working for me, but then came the tricky part. This EXTRA Face Oil now had to pass the test of time; so I went on about my day, with no makeup on, to see how my skin would set with this new routine. I didn’t notice my skin to be any oiler than usual, I felt hydrated and soft, I didn’t feel greasy or sticky or icky, I was thrilled! I’ve been using this face oil for a few months now and I’m still just as impressed with it as I once was. I’ve even gone ahead and bought the biggest bottle of it I could find!

I usually apply the face oil after cleansing in the morning, and by the time I get around to doing my makeup a few hours later, it’s seeped in well, but I have this old habit of having to moisturize, again, before I apply foundation. I feel like it just helps everything glide and blend better into place. So, the new dewy moisturizer I’ve been using is the MAC Strobe Cream! I bought this product on a limb after a few good Pinterest/ YouTube reviews of it, (click the link to follow me, and say hi!) and I’ve repurchased it multiple times since! I love the silky, smooth finish it gives my skin and the fine shimmer isn’t overwhelming! There is nothing worst than chunky glittered skin care, NOTHING. This is one of those products that does blend into your skin, but it doesn’t disappear, the moisture is there, and the classic sheen lingers throughout the day, without transferring! I’ve loved wearing my strobe cream under makeup, or on its own to give my skin a healthier glow for no makeup days, or quick milk runs to the grocery store!

All in all, these are both products that have really earned their spot in my makeup drawer, and daily routine. I’ve already re-purchased them both and if you’re someone with oily, or dry, or combo skin, and you’re looking for some new lightweight, easy to use skin care products to add life back into your skin, give them a try! I’d love to know if you’ve used either of these products before, or if you try them out, let me know how they work for you! xoxo, Anisa

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