Organizing, For The Unorganized!

Organizing, for the unorganized.

You have as many hours in a day as Beyonce.

And, you CAN accomplish everything on your to do list for the day.

*Do not add winning a grammy to that list and you’ll be fine*

I’m not crazy, swear it.

If you’re thinking “like I could ever accomplish everything that Queen Bee does, even if I tried.” Well, I’m here to tell you, and teach you, that you can.

Time management is just one of those things that everyone, including myself, struggles with. And organizing your time, is organizing your LIFE. Dramatic, I know, but it’s true and you know it is.

PS- I’ve been thinking of writing this post for about a month, and just never found the “time” to do it. But here I am, taking my own advice, and getting to it! You’re welcome.

So, here’s the deal….

More than worrying about your time or what time it is and how many things you haven’t crossed off your to-do list yet, think of your time as a mind over matter situation.

I’ve come up with some sort of system for myself for years now, and I can’t remember what started it or where I got this idea from but the days I really try to use it, it really works. SHOCKER- I know.

So, start thinking of yourself and your time and your priorities and people and things as batteries. That’s right. Batteries.

I think of my body as a machine that runs on several batteries. I think of all the categories of things going on in my life at the time and I give each category as it’s own battery, fully charged each day – no matter how awful the day before was, and no matter how much sleep I get. Throughout the day, the task that I’m working on, takes energy out of that battery, only. 

For example, if I spend 2 hours of my day blogging and editing posts, that energy comes only from my blogging battery. Even if I’m blogging from my couch, sitting next to my parents, my family time or family battery is still full because I’ve had my nose towards the keys the whole time. Now, I might be tired from typing for hours, but my family time is still 100% my own and free for grabs. I haven’t used any of my family battery, so how can I possibly be too tired to hang out with my parents or ask them about their day? 

Some examples of categories in my life are; Family time, Hubby time, housework/housewife duties,  chef time, blogging, youtube, wedding planning, ect..

The possibilities are endless. Other examples, things that might matter in your life could be categories like exercise, school, work, children, extra curricular, DIY projects, anything you’d like! The best part of this system is it’s 100% mind control. There are no rules and no regulations. You can add or take away categories by merely thinking of them, and there is no tracking of your “batteries” you simply just think of things you’ve done, or haven’t done that day. The thought of your full batteries gives you energy and strength to move forward! You feel like you still have all this energy left and time! You’ll feel more organized if you can fit more things in without feeling drained or over whelmed!

 The key to success here is NOT to mix your batteries. One task takes its fuel from one battery, only one. If you’ve had a long day at school, or work, or both, and then you come home, your family and home batteries haven’t been affected yet, so don’t bring that low battery school signal into your house and don’t get your cords twisted. You may only have the same 24 hours in a day but you now have a new way of thinking of those hours and you are sure to better utilize your time, and efforts. So cheers, to organization for the unorganized. xoxo Anisa ❤

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