Decluttering my makeup brushes and simplifying my vanity| Gimmemymascara

I’m a 20 year old, university going, beauty blogger and vlogger. I think it’s safe to say I spend about 80% of my days in my bedroom. This is my happy place.

And, considering I spend so much time in here, I like having pretty things to look at, and clean things are prettier than dusty old things. I’m not a neat freak, but I appreciate a good Spring Cleaning as much as the next gal!

A specific problem area of mine I’ve been meaning to work on for weeks now is my makeup brush collection. If you’ve read my post about what a Makeup Addict I am, you’ll know what I’m talking about. If not, check it out, here!

My biggest problem with my brushes was A) There were just too many of them and they wouldn’t fit in the DIY Brush Holders I made them and B) They were filthy. Cleaning makeup brushes is definitely one of those daunting tasks that I try to avoid for as long as possible.


But it eventually had to be done so here’s how it went down…

Step 1. I took ALL my brushes out of the organizers and placed them on a towel (I always use a towel over my bed sheet to avoid loose pigment stains or coloured powders on white bedding!)

2. I then went through and categorized them by what they’re meant to do and what area of the face they’re used for! (Bronzer, blush, highlighter, foundation, other, ect…)

3. I chose 1-2 brushes for each face category, and a few extra for the eyes, these lucky ones get to stay on my vanity!

I placed the leftovers in a separate pile, they’d go in a zippy bag for storage later.


4. I then went through and cleaned ALL the brushes, the ones that were staying on my vanity, and the ones going to storage. To see how I clean my brushes, and sanitize my sponges, and how I made my DIY Sigma Spa Glove, click Here!


5. Once my brushes were clean and dry, I placed them back into the holders and I was done! My vanity looks so much bigger, and cleaner, now that I know exactly what brushes I have, and I know they’re all ready to go. I’m also glad they have some wiggle room in there and I don’t have to worry about bristles bending out of shape as I try to pack and stuff them all in!


Stay tuned for more decluttering posts soon, I really hope to get all my beauty products situated soon! Thanks for reading, until next time, xoxo Anisa ❤

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