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Hello and welcome back to Gimmemymascara!

I know I’ve been absent for quite a while but I woke up this morning to a notification from WordPress letting me know how well my blog has been doing, even in my absence, and how my views were sky rocketing! WOAH! That’s definitely one way to help me out of bed on a #HumpDay! I went through my stats to notice planner related posts are what y’all are loving most right now, and today being the Erin Condren Life Planner release day, I thought a planner post was fitting!

I got word of the EC release last week, and while bloggers like Elle Fowler were raving about the new planners, I thought of how much I would really use a vertical planner and how it would fit into my day to day life. I also remembered I had bought the MAMBI 365 Happy Planner at Michaels a few months back while it was on sale and I thought I would use it this week as a test run for the EC. Here’s how the week’s going so far:

A) FULL BOX STICKERS!!! I recently got a few of the full box stickers from ItsJustPaperCo during one of her ToonieTuesday sales and i’ve been itching to use them! This week I used the Welcome to Paradise collection and having a full row of full box stickers in the center of my planner has been so fun and colourful! I’ve always thought full boxes took up too much room but it’s summer, and I really don’t have all that much going on this week, so it worked out perfectly! So far so good.

**I didn’t think I was doing a post on this spread so I didn’t bother taking any pictures of it before the pen! I’m sorry I can’t show you the whole thing, for privacy reasons, but here’s what I do have..**


B) THE SECTIONS!!! Okay, so here’s another area I thought wouldn’t work so well since my life tends to be kinda all over the place. BUT, I decided to just go with it and use the morning section as my Today/ To Do and add little icon stickers with a label underneath. Layering stickers is such a fun and colourful technique! I will say the label stickers I used were a tad tiny for my abnormally large handwriting and I did need some more space… not my favourite. As for the evening section, I did.. nothing!!! I decided to add some washi in between the full boxes from the afternoon section and the evening section, and then left it completely blank! I figured I’d need the space to write and I’m glad I did!


C) THE COIL!!!  I never thought having a coiled planner would help as much as it has! It makes adding washi and planning so much easier when you can pop the papers out and tilt and turn them any way you’d like! And, I’ve actually kept my planner open to this weeks page all week long! It’s a lot easier to see what I need to do, I get to see my pretty stickers, and It’s easier to jot down little things as they come up. I’ve also been thinking of how easy this would be to take to school or out with me. You can definitely take your whole planner around with you if you prefer but I can totally see myself pulling out those 2 sheets for the week and being on my way!

Now for a bit of negative Nancy… I will say being out, (aka at summer school, such a drag, don’t even get me started…) and wanting to add something into my planner, but not having a pack of icon stickers and labels with me, is annoying. It disrupts the flow of my planner to just write things in while others are so carefully organized and perfected.. It’s definitely throwing me off and while some carry a small stash (or a larger one, no judgement here!) with them on a daily basis I just can’t see myself pulling out a stash of stickers in a university lecture hall! I’m also fighting for some extra room to write out the longer things, and I’ve even had to add some things on the wrong day of the week, just so they make it onto the planner.

Overall, I think I’m sticking with vertical happy planner for the summer, I’ll be done summer school in a few weeks and then I really won’t have much to plan or need much writing room.. But once September rolls around, I’m hoping back to my Kate Spade horizontal! As always, if anything changes, you’ll be the first to know! xoxo Anisa

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