Body Confidence & Loving Yourself! | Gimmemymascara

My favourite part about having a Youtube channel and a blog is that I get to connect with girls, and women, and lovely humans all around the world! I love the confidence I get from posting a video or a blog post and knowing people enjoy watching or reading. I love replying to comments and talking to everyone about everything, like how their day went or what killer lip product they got on sale this weekend.

But, once in a while things change.  I’ll film a video and I just won’t be happy with it. It’s not so much it, but me. We all have those days where we just don’t like what we look like and wish we could snap our fingers and change something. I’m sure everyone has their own opinions about what they’d like to change and no one imperfection is less important than another. If it’s important or matters to you, then it does. No questions asked.

And as I was watching The Mindy Project this morning, I realized why I loved this show so much. I love Mindy because of her confidence. She isn’t a size 2 and she doesn’t do everything right but she has a kind heart, she’s smart, she loves so deeply and she rocks what she has. She isn’t afraid to say what she wants and when, and she never lets anyone or anything stand in her way. I think she’s one of the strongest female TV characters and a great role model for women, and men, everywhere.

There was this one specific scene in Season 3 that really got me thinking and I wanted to share it with all of you. If you wish to watch this scene, you can find The Mindy Project on Netflix. This scene is from Season 3, Episode 20. Here’s how it goes:

As Mindy stands in front of a mirror she refers to herself as a “fat load in a tracksuit” where Sheena, played by Laverne Cox, says “That’s cold. Now, if the person in the mirror was your best friend, would be as mean to her as you [are] being to yourself?” Mindy: “No” Laverne: “Well, I got news for you. You ARE talking to your best friend. You.” “You look fine, it’s your attitude that’s terrible. We all have insecrutites we need to get over, but you need to own it. Be as confident and beautiful as any other bitch in the room.”

And that ladies and gentlemen is how I think we should all see ourselves, as our best friends. No one knows 100% about you, except for you, and that body you’re in is the only one you have. So love it, love yourself and you’ll learn to love the world around you. And I? I’m still working on that, as we all are, but I vow to love myself as long as you vow to do the same. Deal? Deal. I love you.

xoxo Anisa


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