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About 3 months ago I shared with you my thoughts and a little demo on the Loreal Brow Plumper, it’s since been my most read post and I see people are still going back to it months later! I’m so glad you’ve all enjoying that post!

And, when I saw another new brow product at the drugstore I knew I just had to test it out for you.

IMG_6194So, today I’ll be sharing with you my thoughts, a demo, and some pictures on the Maybelline Brow Define and Fill Duo by Eyestudio. I got the shade deep brown, there are 4 in total which is pretty great for a drugstore brow product, and a brow filler in general. These retail for about $10 (CAD) but I’m sure prices will vary depending on where you find yours.

Let’s start with what my brows look like when they’re brushed out, but have nothing in them.. I do thread my brows every few weeks and I have decided to keep the shape a bit fuller than I used to..


IMG_6199I started with step 1 which is the more pencil/ waxy crayon side. I filled in the inner part of my brow and my arch, I did run through the rest of my brow a bit but just to make sure everything was uniformed.  And, I immediately fell in LOVE with this product! The size of this pencil was perfect to fit my brows, it really glided on smoothly but was still a stiff enough pencil that I didn’t think it would snap off at a moment but it wasn’t pulling at my brows either. It has a great consistency/ texture and the colour was spot on! I can’t speak on the other shades but this one in particle is not orange or too warm toned, not too grey and cool toned, it’s neutral which is SO hard to find in a brow product! I was thoroughly impressed at how easy and fast that was to use and the results looked great!  I would highly recommend this product for someone who is new to filling in their brows, it’s that easy to work with! And I always suggest trying new tools and trends with drugstore products to avoid wasting money on something that might not be right for you.

If you couldn’t tell, the left brow is done, the right is my natural brow. LOL


Then I went in and filled in the right brow…


Note: I did brush through my brows once after using this crayon, I always do, and no matter how great your brow product is, it’s great to just make sure things are even!


After that, I went in with step 2 of this duo which is the powder part, which comes in the form of this … doe foot applicator. I will say this is great for a mess free, fast application but I just really didn’t notice any difference in my brows once I already went in with the waxy pencil..

Maybe it’s because my brows are already so thick and filled in that I just didn’t need it, or I might not have pressed hard enough, I was trying to be pretty light handed with this, as you should be with most brow products. I just wasn’t seeing anything happen with this powder part and I can totally skip it from now on. I would suggest the step 2 application to someone who might have some discolouration in their brows or just want to darken them up a bit, it could really work great for something like that. Here’s a close up of what my brows looked like after the pencil/wax, and the powder on top of that.. I did take this picture right after the one before it, I just put my hair up so I wouldn’t mix up which image was which since my camera can mess up the order of my images sometimes!


Overall, this product lasted amazingly well through the day! I kept this makeup on for about 13 hours. Long day, tell me about it. And I think my brows looked the same all day, which is amazing! No one wants to spend the day with someone and have their brows change with each meal. Am I right? Yes, I am. I usually do set my brows with a clear brow gel but I didn’t this day for the sake of this review.  In the future, I probably will and you can too if you usually have a problem with things staying put, or live in super hot weather. My favourite is the Ardell Clear Brow Gel, which you can find in drugstores. Here’s a close up of what my brows looked like at the end of the 13 hours. Please excuse the lighting, it was super late and I hadn’t realized how bad it was until the makeup was already off. IMG_6218

I really hope you’ve enjoyed this post, found it helpful in some way, and are as excited about this new product as I am! If you do try out this product, be sure to send me a picture on any form of social media! Until then, take care. xoxo Anisa  

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