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Welcome Back! I recently saw Elle Fowler and Belinda Selene create the planner addict tag, and I thought I would answer some of the questions for you here! Enjoy.
IMG_17181.) How many planners do you have/own?

I usually switch planners at the start of every school year, not calendar year, and I’ve used a planner since the first grade, you do the math. I’m pretty sure my mom has kept a few of my planners from grade school, but I’m not sure where they are right now… I do have my high school planners and the ones I’ve used since the start of University. Here’s what my planner from 2012 looks like, I was in my senior year of high school! I found this gem at PINK by Victorias Secret and we had a lovely time together. Fun Fact: I only started using the monthly view page of my planners this year, I use to find them so strange before! LOL

2.) How many planner do you actually use at one time?

One! I use my planner to eliminate stress and anxiety, having more than one would be totally counterproductive. To see the planner I’ll be using starting August 2015, click HERE.

3.) When did you first start using a paper planner?

First grade! I started real young. 

4.) When did you start decorating your planner?

Around the 6th grade. I’ve always been a fan of coloured pens and I love using a different colour per class or event to keep organized. As of recently I’ve started to add washi tape and stickers to my planner but I still keep things super simple and easy to use. Here’s what a typically decorated month looks like in my planner:

IMG_1720   IMG_17275.) If you could use only ONE embellishment to decorate your planner, what would you use?

Washi tape! I don’t use many stickers and since I keep things simple, a small border of metallic or glittered washi tape is good enough for me! Here’s my favourite: (Target, $1) and my full collection, I really don’t have many!

IMG_1729  IMG_1730
6.)What is your favourite pen to write with?

These! Every year I repurchase this same set of pens and every year I fall more and more in love. They’re super easy to write with, don’t bleed through, and have great colours! They’re about $8 for a pack of 10 and they last me longer than the year, I just like buying new ones.. oops. #Shopoholic.

7.) Favorite place to shop for planner goodies (Can also be your favorite Etsy seller)

Michaels! I’ve always loved going to Michaels and my mommy and I can spend hours in there at a time, and we have! I was there just the other day and picked up some goodies, click to see my planner haul video!

8.)What is the most you have spent at a store for planner supplies?

I buy my supplies a little at a time, I usually just pick things up as I find them and I always browse the sale and clearance bins! I think my most expensive transaction would have to be my planner itself! LOL I have the Kate Spade 17 month planners which come at around $40 a piece. Again, to see the things I got most recently, specifically from the Heidi Swapp collection, click!

9.) What is your planning routine?

At the start of every semester I go through my syllabus and jot in key dates, tests, big assignments and important readings. Then, through the week I’ll write in homework and mini assignment. I write in events as I know they’ll occur and the same goes with appointments. I really don’t have a planning day, nor do I sit down once a week to decorate for the week.

10.) If you had to pick only ONE planner, which one would you use and why?

If it isn’t already obvious… Kate Spade! I love the horizontal layout because I find writing on lines to be easier and a lot neater. I also love how simple yet elegant and fun the colours are! Which is basically how I would describe my style! I love wearing neutrals and then adding a pop of colour and fun with my makeup, or accessories!

That’s all for now, folks! Be sure to tag me if you do this tag yourself, and tweet me a link! @Gimmemymascara xoxo Anisa


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