Soap and Glory Glow Job Review and Demo | GimmeMyMascara

I feel like people really have mixed feelings about clearance racks or bins. I personally think of them as treasure boxes filled with gold. You can find some amazing products for an amazing price! I, ladies and gentlemen, found a gold token on my local drugstores clearance shelf, or shall I say a bronze token… 😉

IMG_1628I recently came across Soap and Glory’s Glow Job moisturizer with temporary self-tanner micro beads. Confused by what exactly this product was, how it would apply, and wear through the day, I thought I would give it a shot and share the results with you guys.

I came home and applied a pea sized amount into my finger tips, and starting working the product around my face and neck.

This was one of those products that made me believe in love at first sight. 

The bronze beads are so microscopic that the bronze colour does not clump up or sit in one area of the face, they are super easy to move around and blend in perfectly. Here’s an example of what a bead looks like when it’s opened…


I have noticed that even half a pea size is enough of this product to go around my whole face and neck area, I wouldn’t recommend piling this product on too thick since it is meant to temporarily tan your skin and that’s just asking for trouble. A small, thin layer of product is enough to tan you up for the day, and moisturize your skin. This product didn’t leave my skin feeling sticky, or tacky, or oily, or dry. My skin looked super healthy, hydrated, glowy and tanned, in the most natural way possible! This product also smells amazing, like orange and vanilla! The scent isn’t too strong and doesn’t linger, so don’t let that stop you! It’s an overall amazing product,  here’s proof:

IMG_1610IMG_1612 IMG_1621

I’ve used this product both on it’s own with a single swipe of mascara and lipgloss for a “no makeup makeup day” and under my primer for a night out, it’s super versatile and can work for anyone! As far as wear time, I did notice the tan colour fades slightly through the day, but I’ve worn this with a white top and there was never any transferring! To see this product in action, be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel, Gimmemymascara, and keep your eyes out for a new GRWM, coming soon! xoxo Anisa


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