..Maybe we’ll find clarity in those words | Gimmemymascara

Earlier today, I was re watching an old episode of One Tree Hill. This show has inspired me for years. I inspire to be a different part of each of the characters and to take what a simple TV show has shown me and live my life as that one group of friends has taught me how. This particular quote, by Haley James Scott stuck with me, and I thought I would share. As a profession writing student I too seek for answers and clarity in my writing to explain to myself the world I live in and that is why I love to write as much as I do….

What’s the point?

…I don’t know

When archaeologist uncover lost civilization and they enter these worlds that have long since been destroyed, you know what they find most often? They find stories, ancient languages, words and scriptures, from people who have been gone for thousands of years. Because chances are they, like you, wanted to know, what’s the point? And they wanted us to know they were here, they told their stories and they tried to make sense out of their lives and their worlds, and their tragedies.

..Maybe we’ll find clarity in those words, maybe we’ll find peace.

-One Tree Hill. Season 6, Episode 3.

What’s your story? xoxo Anisa


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