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First off, sorry I went MIA for a bit, I’ve been pretty sick and definitely feeling under the weather but one thing I ALWAYS find myself doing when I’m home sick is online shopping! I decided to order my first Glossybox a few weeks ago and it just came in the mail. I thought I would photograph the process of opening my first box and share with you all what was inside, how I feel about the products, and the service in general.

IMG_1526I had ordered my box on April 28th and got my box on May 20th, assuming I would get the May box, which wasn’t the case. What I received was the April 2015 box, but in the original pink Glossybox packaging, not the limited edition box they had for most of the other April boxes, confusing, I know. Considering how late in April I ordered my box, it was kinda strange to me to get products I had seen featured on their website already. And, considering I got my APRIL box during the third week of MAY.. there is definitely some service issue that needs to be fixed. This box came to $21 USD with an addition $5 for shipping. This was the American cost, and considering I’m in Canada, I paid a total of $32.41, Canadian, which is way more than I was expecting. Regardless, I was excited to get my first box and see what this hype was all about. Here’s how it went… 

My initial thought was that the pink colour on the box was gorgeous, I could re use this box in my room and the bow and pink tissue paper was so elegant and fun, so far so good. Now on to the products, PS- I’m listing these products in order of what I liked most to least…

IMG_1530 IMG_1532

IMG_15391. Marrakesh – Endz: Split End Mender & Preventer 

I’ll be the first to admit I do not have an actual skin care, or hair care routine. I love switching up my products and I use so many things at once, or none at all. I was a bit spectacle of this product, only because of the others I received like it from other subscription boxes but the scent, lightweight feel and super hydration left me speechless. I’ve used this product in my ends a few times and so far, so good! My ends feel healthy and hydrated without looking weighed down, greasy, or sticky.

IMG_1542 2. Julep- Colour Treat Nail Polish in Myriam  

I had so many great things about Julep polishes and I was pretty excited to get this one in my box. I’m not huge on painting my nails, I don’t really know how, and I find the time it takes way too tedious. I did try out this polish and I think it came out wonderfully! The brush was a decent size, maybe a bit on the smaller size but I think that’s great for helping you stay in the lines. The application was pretty smooth, no bumps or lumps, there wasn’t any streaks showing and the polish had a super pretty shiny finish. I would describe this colour as a true red, maybe a touch on the lighter side, but absolutely gorgeous and perfect year round.

IMG_1535  3. Vince Camuto – Amour 

I think one of the things I loved most about this perfume was the box, how adorable is that?! The Glossybox website describes this scent as floral and fruity and I 100% agree. I think its more floral than fruity but it is the perfect “girly but in a mature way” scent. This bottle opens at the top and you drip out the perfume as you would an oil per say, there is no spray or pump, which I think I would have preferred. I liked how long the scent lasted and how it stayed fresh throughout the day. I think this is an amazing scent for older teenagers or young adults. It might be a bit too much for a younger audience. The smaller bottle size does make it perfect for traveling with but the fragile bottle and drip application might get a bit messy.

IMG_1536 4. Vichy – LiftActiv Night

I’m going to keep this one short and simple, because that’s how this product is. It’s a simple face and neck cream, nothing special, nothing new. I didn’t notice anything spectacular happen to my skin in the past few times but I didn’t notice anything wrong with it either. I’m pretty indifferent to this stuff, moving on…

IMG_1540 5. City Cosmetics – Total Eye Rejuvenation Serum 

This was my least favourite product of the bunch. Even just by looking at this product I could see the water and the cream contents were separating in the tube. I shook the bottle around a bit, and then pumped some out and it was still separated. This also made it harder for me to work the products on to my fingers and then my skin. It took a while to really sink in and looked “wet” or “greasy” under my eyes. I slept with this product on and woke up with it dried and bunching up around my eye. Parts of it had hardened and it was a mess. I would definitely not recommend this product to anyone else or continue using it myself.

OH NO, this post is over! Need something else to do? Check out some other posts on or sit back, relax, and head over to for more content! xoxo Anisa 


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