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Hey Everyone,

I hope you’re having an amazing day!

I recently picked up the Loreal Paris Brow Plumper by Brow Stylist and thought I would share my thoughts and a little brow demo for you all! *I have the shade medium to deep, there is also a light to medium and a transparent formula, this product sells for approximately $11 in Canada.*

Let’s start with some pictures and a demo! Be sure to read to the end for my application tips, wear time, and more on this product.

Here is what my brows look like naturally, I have the rest of my eye and face makeup done but have done nothing to my brows. *All photos have been taken in natural daylight, and have no filter, I hope that helps you when selecting a colour for this product!*


I simply take the wand from the Brow Plumper, wipe off a bit on the side of the tube, as you would with any brow product or mascara, and brush through my brows. I brush the inner part of my brows striaght up to help with the shape and then follow the natural arch of my brows for the middle section. For the ends of my brows I brush downwards, still following shape but trying to add volume to my ends and elongate my brows. Here is what my brows look like with only my left eyebrow filled in.

IMG_5192 Here’s a close up of the difference.. As you can see, the left brow is a lot more defined, the inner corner is fuller, as is the rest of the brow and the overall brow looks neater and straighter.

IMG_5192 I then went ahead and filled in my right eyebrow. Again, brushing straight up in the inner corner and following my natural shape for rest of the brow. *PS- Ignore how crazy my hair looks in this next photo, I was just trying to get it outta my face so you could see both brows together*


Overall, I have found that this product sits better than other brow gels or pomades. In comparison to the Benefit GimmeBrow, I will say I prefer this tone of brown better for my hair and skin. I also appreciate how you don’t necessarily have to brush your brows out after an application. They don’t feel thick, clumpy, or heavy. I do brush out my brows sometimes just to be safe but this product is definitely great for beginners or anyone who’s still getting comfortable with filling in their brows since it adds colour, and texture. I personally think this is because of the brush size, it is a tad bit bigger than the GimmeBrow but it applies super lightly and would work perfectly fine for someone with thin brows as well.

As far as wear time, this product lasts and wears beautifully. I’ve accidentally slept in my makeup before, and I take frequent naps and I never notice any issues with my brows or the need to touch up. I would say this product is super long lasting, sweat proof, and budge proof, perfect for the warmer months coming up! And being from the drugstore, that’s just the cherry on top! I’ve definitely found my favourite new brow product!

Until next time. xoxo Anisa


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5 thoughts on “L’Oréal Brow Plumper by Brow Stylist Review and Demo | Gimmemymascara

  1. Anisa! Once again you got me to go buy something new at the drugstore! Idk what i would do with out you and your reviews love you so so so so much!


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  3. Where did you find this product in Canada? I have looked at London Drugs, Shoppers Drug Mart and Walmart and none of these stores carry it.


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