Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Water Review | Gimmemymascara

Welcome Back!

I wanted to take full advantage of the Sephora VIB sale this year and get some products I’ve been wanting to try out and review them for you gals!

IMG_5091One product I’ve been hearing about left and right lately was the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Water, we all know I’m a huge fan of my primers. A primer is a layer of makeup that you apply after your moisturizer and skin care routine, before your foundation or concealer. Each primer is created differently to do something different for your skin but their main goal is to help your makeup stay put longer throughout the day, even out the texture of your skin, and avoid any creasing or fading. *To learn more about primers and read my post on my other favourite primers, click HERE*

Being the primer fanatic I am, I just had to give this stuff a try and my initial thoughts? Oh My Goodness Gracious. HEAVEN. 

This spray bottle is a great size for how much product you get, there’s no extra bulk or fooling around, this stuff is the real deal. The bottle comes with a lid, which is always appreciated, and has the most beautiful, fine mist application. There is never any blobs, no drops of product, it dispenses itself beautifully and covers evenly. I do recommend holding any spray products a few inches from the face to ensure even coverage. I personally like to spray about 4 spritz for my entire face and neck and occasionally I rub the product in with my fingers, mostly just to help it dry faster.

I also LOVE the scent of this product, it was hard to describe at first but I think the key note that comes to mind is Lavender. Not a strong floral scent, just a light scent, never overwhelming, making this product great for the face, even near the eyes and safe for those of you with sensitive or problematic skin.

This product really left my skin feeling hydrated, soft, but not greasy. It does an amazing job at controlling the oils, and evening out the texture of my pores and fine lines. I have worn this product alone a few times, with no other makeup on to see how my skin would look and it was fantastic!

When used with makeup, I noticed my foundation stayed on perfectly, even through my afternoon nap. Yes, I’m an old lady who loves her naps. It kept together great, felt great, and looked great, what else can you really ask for?

Overall, I’ve been preferring this product over any of my other favourite primers and I think we have a great relationship going for us! Definitely will be re purchasing this product when it runs out, but I don’t think that’ll be too soon, you only need a little bit at a time!

Until next time, xoxo Anisa.


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