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So, following THIS tweet of mine, came a lot of DMs, KIK messages, tweets and questions on what the assignment was, what class, what I had to do, and what my major is. I was also asked to do a few posts, or videos, all about studying social media and communication technology, which is part of my major, and which I might do-at a later time. This post will actually show you my assignment-a podcast, since it was about YouTube and basic tips on getting your content noticed. Since my assignment only had to be a certain length, and doesn’t go into much detail, I would also like to direct your attention to THIS video of mine, which goes into much more detail, tips and tricks on my YouTube journey and advice so far.

As part of my assignment I was required to submit show notes, basically like a description box for my podcast. Here’s what I came up with..PS- This is basically just what I say in the podcast so you may either listen to it, or read below, don’t bore yourself with both 😉

(The link to the podcast: ) 

Did you know over 300 hours of videos are uploaded to YouTube every minute, so how do you get yours to stand out? My name is Anisa, also known as beauty blogger and YouTube content creator, Gimmemymascara! Today I’ll be sharing with you some of the easiest ways to get noticed on YouTube.

Let’s start with the type of video you create. I find it easiest to do videos that I see going around, like a specific tag, or theme, but to add my own twist on it. I know DIY videos are super popular but its nice to really think outside the box and do a video you know no one else will think of, that makes you, and your content special, and you get to show off your personal style.

Next, something to be aware of while planning, filming, and editing your video is the length. Long intros and outros tend to be skipped over, keep those super short. Also, keep your video length short, people are more likely to watch all the way to the end that way. An easy way to do this is to crop out the parts that aren’t essential, or fast forward longer, more repetitive sections, like blending out your foundation if you’re doing a beauty tutorial. Just keep it short and sweet!

Then, make sure you have an appealing thumbnail. Its the first thing someone sees when they choose whether or not to watch your video, over someone else’s. An easy way to do this is to take a picture of your look, or products you’re talking about in that video, maybe even while you hold them and then add a title, a small graphic, an effect, or a border. You can do this easily on Its free to set up and easy to use, you can also customize the size of each element to fit anything and everything you want, which also adds a sense of style to your and your content.

Now, to help people find your video, you need to tag your content. Youtube, google, the internet in general, cannot scan videos or audio content, thats why tags, description boxes, and show notes were created. They explain, in words, what your video, or audio podcast talks about and Google can filter through them for key words and phrases. So when someone searches something you’ve talked about, your video comes up as a search result! You can also make the descriptions and show notes super catchy and fun to help bring in a larger audience.

That’s all for now, thank you for tuning in, I hope you’ve found this helpful. Leave me a comment if you’d like more posts like this! xoxo Anisa 


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