Bloguary Day 8- Best Beauty Products of 2014- MAC Soft N Gentle Highlight! | Gimmemymascara

So, I HATED highlighters when I first started using them. I hadseen MAC Soft N Gentle everywhere, it was another one of those products that was haunting me and back in the day, it was that one thing that absolutely EVERYONE, and their mothers, and their cats and dogs had. So, I went into MAC, payed the $35 ish, and I got one. I honestly wasn’t in love with it, and I wasn’t big on the shimmer but it was in, and I was being a major trend follower. Lame. I know.

I came home that day, (ps- this was a few years ago) and I put it everywhere. Everywhere. And it was horrible. So, I put it away and didn’t touch it again for a least a week or two. At the time, I did have pretty clear skin in terms of acne but this was also just following puberty and the hair on my cheeks was DARK. TMI? Nope. Putting highlighter right on the tops of my cheeks would draw in even more attention to that area and I just did not like it. I used it as an eyeshadow for a while and it was nice, but still didn’t blow me away.

IMG_1418Then, I came across waxing, and laser, which has been life changing. Since then, I love how much fresher, and brighter my skin looks when it isn’t covered with hair. DUH. I also started to love this product more and more every time I applied it. I realized what a difference it was making to my overall look and how a little bit, on just the high points of my face, mainly my cheekbones, went a long way. It give a really youthful, glowy and healthy look!

Since then I’ve tried a few other highlighters, like Benefits Sun Beam and Smashbox’s Halo and some illuminating primers but just haven’t liked any the same.

I’m super glad I picked this product up when I did! It’s described on the MAC site as a peach bronze shade but I would say this is more of a champagne then a bronze since its a bit brighter.

As for the packaging, I’m not in love, but its been a few years and it hasn’t cracked, or broke, or dented, or even scratched up so thats good enough for me!

If you’re someone whose been looking for a new highlighter, or wanting to get into one, definitely stop by a MAC store and just try it on, walk around for a bit and look at your self in different lighting to see how you feel about it! I hope you love it as much as I do, xoxo Anisa.


3 thoughts on “Bloguary Day 8- Best Beauty Products of 2014- MAC Soft N Gentle Highlight! | Gimmemymascara

  1. Great job girly! I love that you talked about highlighters! Loved your candidness as well about the hair, trust me we all go through it!


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