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Considering I’ve missed the past two days of Bloguary, I’d like to start this post off with an apology. You are all so supportive of what I do and I feel like I’ve let you down. Starting a new blog series, for a new blogger, the same time as a new semester starts, with a larger course load than I have ever done, is very difficult. I’ve decided to combine Bloguary Days 5, 6, and 7, and give you the total run down of the best cheek products of 2014, all in one. This post will cover my favourite blushes from my favourite blush kit, another one of the prettiest blushes in town, and my favourite bronzer(s).

This first product is one I purchased in early october, which was actually rather early for a holiday set, but it was the Benefit Cosmetics Cheeky Sweet Spot blush kit. This kit came with 5 powder blushes, a powder bronzer, and a cream highlighter. The shades included; Dandelion, Sugarbomb, Coralista, Bella Bamba, and Rockateur as the blushes, (in order of how they’re pictured here,) Hoola as the bronzer, and Watt’s up as the highlight.IMG_1392 2

Before ordering this palette, I had Hoola and knew I would love it, I also knew I would love Rockateur just by what I had seen of it previously, and I was right. Rockateur is the most gorgeous, soft focus finish, mauve, purple, neutral toned blush. It’s gorgeous as a neutral, everyday colour, or a pop of colour when applied heavier. It’s build able and blend able. And, although Benefit doesn’t claim any long lasting power for their boxed powders, I find rockateur stays on all day, and even if it fades, it still looks great because it never creases, or builds up. Another one of my favourites from the box, which I actually love mixing with Rockateur is Dandelion. This came as the biggest surprise to me because this was the colour I was least excited for, I just thought it looked too light and might look too “Barbie,” or “fake” on my skin, or that It wouldn’t show up at all, boy was I wrong. This colour is gorgeous. It is a barbie pink but comes off on my skin at least, as a very “pretty in pink” flush, it blends into a soft pink and I love it for everyday, it gives my skin that healthy winter glow that I need and it’s never too much. 

IMG_1399Another colour that I thought would be too light for my skin and now cant get over is Mirage. This Amazonian clay 12- hour blush by Tarte Cosmetics looks super pale and light in the packaging but truly enhances my skin with its micro shimmer and neutral tones. I was also never a fan of glitter or sheen type blushes but this one is so small, its almost invisible and glows just the right amount. Its also true to its 12 hour claim, I haven’t tested it for that long but it lasts me through an intense shopping trip, or a snooze during class which is good enough for me. *This product was limited edition and can no longer be purchased. Instead, try Blissful, also by Tarte, its the closest dupe I could find.

IMG_1394Lately, I’ve been packing on the blush a bit heavier and almost skipping out on the bronzer but it was such a favourite and staple for me in 2014 I just had to tell you all about my two favourites. The first was the Hoola bronzer, which I’ve had for years, It’s cool toned, which I usually hate, but its amazing for contour and since the colour is kinda light, but build able, it’s great for everyday and subtle definition. The second is my more luxury bronzer, which I actually got for free in the VIP Pro makeup bag from BeautyCon last may, which is the Too IMG_1395Faced Chocolate Soleil medium/deep matte bronzer, which is also available in light/medium. I’d seen and heard of this bronzer everywhere but wasn’t willing to spend that much on 1 single product. After using this bronzer, I fear the day it runs out and Im forced to get another, First off, it smells sooo darn good, it really smells like chocolate and sometimes I just want to eat it. Yum. It also worked really well with my skin and the formula is smooth as butter. Its amazing to blend and add warmth to the skin, definitely worth it.

Next comes the highlight but you’ll have to wait until the next Bloguary post to find out which product I’ve had for years and cannot part ways with. Fun fact: In my whole makeup collection, highlighter is what I have the least of because the first one I ever bought was the only one I will never need, its that perfect. See you soon, xoxo Anisa.


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