Bloguary Day 4- Best Beauty Products of 2014- Setting Powders | GIMMEMYMASCARA

2014 was the YEAR of powders. Before that, I would only use the MAC Studio Fix powder, and I did, for years. That, with concealer, was my go to and I was pretty happy with it. Since then, I’ve started playing around and experimenting with more makeup. My skins’ also got worst over the years; breakouts, redness, pores, the usual.

So, I started my journey for the best powder I could find. I started with the Maybelline Dream Matte powder, then the Rimmel Stay Matte, both which were meh at the time, I knew there had to be better.

IMG_1328Fast forward a few products and years later… The first powder I really fell in love with, after the MAC one, was the Essence all about matt pressed, translucent powder.  If you’re subscribed to my YouTube channel, which you should be, you would have heard about this product again, and again. I found this powder at the drugstore for $4.00 and it did an okay job setting my makeup, definitely could have been better. It did however do a really, really good job keeping shine at bay, which was super important for me over the summer, which is when I got this product. There were days and times when I did need to re powder or blot through the day but it was getting better. I also loved how I could wear this powder any day of the year because it was so translucent, which was great for me since my skin changes tones and tans, very often.

IMG_1330Then a few months ago, I received a sample of the Laura Mercier Invisible Loose Setting Powder in an IPSY bag and I fell head over heels in LOVE. This product definitely felt more like a luxury powder than any I had tried before, it is the smoothest thing to apply, glides on effortlessly, and leaves the most healthy, bright, fresh finish possible. Which I actually never thought I would like since I am such a fan of matte skin, but this powder does “healthy, glowy” skin like no other. I’ve since also purchased the full size and it’s been my go to powder ever since.

I will say there are a lot more powders out there, and I’m still on this journey for the best face powder in the world. I’ve also been trying out a few others recently, which I’ll be sure to update you on once I form a solid opinion on. But, for now, that’s all I have to say, until next time. xoxo Anisa


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