Wait, wait, wait, are you really going to try to convince me that I can spend only $3.00 on a concealer that will cover my spots, and under eye bags, brighten up the eye area, wear well throughout the day, sit nicely on the skin,and won’t crease?

Yes I am.

IMG_1319I got the ELF HD Lifting Concealer back in July off the ELF Website because I wanted to film a one brand ELF tutorial. I’ve linked the video for you here, but fair warning: the audio is 100% messed up and YouTube has decided to mute my intro.. lovely.  Since then, I’ve used the concealer in multiple videos, like THIS one, where you can really see the product in action.

I had tried a few ELF products before and they were incredible, especially at such low costs. Most ELF products are $1-3 for basic items and not much more for pallets or full kits. I chose my concealer shade online and though there wasn’t much selection, I found one that matched my skin beautifully. I got the shade medium and it works great on my spots or under eyes. It leaves a satin, soft finish on the skin and does absolutely everything I mentioned above.

I apply the concealer in an upside down triangle under my eyes to cover and brighten, and then blend out with either my finger, or my long loved Beauty Blender. I will say, you do need more than one sweep of the product for it to really do the trick but it also blends out really easily and won’t cake up or crease under the eyes. Also, be sure to set everything with a powder to help it stay in place and wear better, and come back in a few days where I’ll be featuring my favourite powder of 2014!

I will say I do hate how the Targets in Canada have decided not to carry this concealer in stores, and online ordering is the only option I get here. Other than that, and the lack of shade selection, I highly recommend this concealer to anyone starting out with makeup, on a budget, or to anyone who just wants a great, fuss free makeup routine! To read more about this concealer, and my tricks and tips on applying concealer in a way to help its longevity, click HERE, I also share how you can get this product to work for you, no matter the shade. 

Intrigued? I hope so.

I also just wanted to say a quick Thank You to everyone who’s been reading and keeping up with Bloguary, you make my heart smile and I love you all. See you next time, xoxo Anisa



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