Have you ever been haunted by a single makeup product? You log onto YouTube, BAM, it’s there. You read a blog post, it’s there. You’re out shopping, still there. It’s on Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, it’s everywhere. That was basically my relationship with the NARS Sheer Glow foundation, it was everywhere and there was no getting away from it. In every picture, or video, or post I saw I fell more and more in love with how beautiful this foundation looked. It had a really nice, glowy, healthy finish on the skin and did a decent job in the coverage department too.

My problem here, other than the steep $57.00 price tag, was the “glow” part. I have super oily skin and I knew this foundation wouldn’t look as good on my skin as it did on say, Tanya Burr’s. It was on my wish list but was in no way going to be a reality. I also didn’t have any major skin concerns at the time and knew I wouldn’t be wearing foundation often.


Then one magical day at Sephora, I was passing the NARS section when I saw there were a lot more bottles of the foundation than others, wide colour selection, maybe? Then I stopped and took another look, there were two different bottles. One was MATTE! THERE WAS A NARS SHEER MATTE FOUNDATION?! Why had I never seen or heard of this before? Was I just not paying enough attention (not likely) or was this product new? Whatever the case was, I RAN, found a Sephora employee, found the perfect colour match and that foundation was mine. PS- I’m in the shade Medium/Dark 1, Syracuse, if you’re curious.

I would say this foundation is medium coverage, definitely build able and even the matte version has the most beautiful finish, my skin still looks healthy, never cakey, and very “real” while blurring and covering imperfections. Lately, my skin has been more red and bumpy than usual so one quick layer of this foundation with a setting powder on top does the trick. I’ve worn this foundation in videos, to school, out and about, and even to a wedding. Since you can build the coverage without compromising the flawless finish, it’s a great investment and great for virtually any look. I usually apply this foundation with a Beauty Blender, which just enhances the finish that much more. Be sure to check out my last post for more details on the Beauty Blender and why I love it!

I will say, I would prefer this foundation come with a pump, the wide opening can get messy if you aren’t careful but all in all, its my favourite foundation of all time and I will never again hesitate to spend $57.00 on it. PS- Pumps for this foundation are available on the NARS website, for $6.00, but like all great online orders, shipping to Canada costs more than the product itself. $17 to be exact. Not worth it. But the foundation, 100% worth it, I’m honestly kinda upset at myself for waiting as long as I did to pick one up..

Well, that is all for todays post. I hope you’ve found this post helpful, informative, interesting, fun, convincing, something? If so, let me know by commenting down below, or tweet me. I love hearing from you all! Until next time, xoxo Anisa.


One thought on “BLOGUARY DAY 2- BEST BEAUTY PRODUCTS OF 2014- NARS Sheer Matte Foundation | GIMMEMYMASCARA

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