Bloguary Day 1- Best Beauty Products of 2014- The Beauty Blender | GimmeMyMascara

Happy New Year, everyone and welcome to Bloguary. This month, there will be a new post up every other day featuring one of my beauty favourites from 2014. The posts will go in order of how I would apply my makeup, face makeup first, then cheeks, then eyes and so forth.

To kick off this series, I present to you a makeup tool. This product is one I purchased back in May from the Sephora in Times Square, which if you haven’t ever been to, add that to your bucket list-immediately. It’s the Beauty Blender. If you’re unfamiliar with a Beauty Blender, it’s a teardrop shaped sponge which you’re meant to run under water and ring out a few times before using. The sponge then doubles in size to apply, and blend out any cream product, flawlessly. Traditional face brushes can leaves streaky lines or marks where as the Beauty Blender is round, it has no edges so you can never see where the sponge stopped blending.

I will say I was first hesitant to spend $26 on a pink sponge that I would have to soak in water and apply my makeup with, it sounds crazy, I know. I tried a few of the cheaper, more drugstore alternatives to this product and I was just never convinced they were as great as everyone says. The generic Sephora brand sponge I had brought before wouldn’t stay damp for long at all, and it never expanded as much as I expected. It also wasn’t as soft on the skin and I was just not a fan. I tried a few other shapes and brands of “cosmetic sponges” but just never fell in love with them. Then I went to a makeup seminar with Mario Dedivanovic and saw him use the original Beauty Blender, I saw how much it expanded, I felt how soft it was, I talked to him about it, and I noticed how his look took over an hour and his sponge was still damp throughout his demo. I was sold. 

Since then, I’ve even went on to buy the Beauty Blender Mini and the Pro. I will say I do prefer the original best, but all in all, the Beauty Blender was one of my favourite “makeup” products of 2014. (And considering it’s on my list of the best makeup products and it’s not even makeup, you know it’s a darn good product!)

Next in line for Bloguary is one of the products I use my Beauty Blender for. Be sure to come back every other day to see what else I’ve been loving and how they all work together. I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and I hope you’ll enjoy this series. Be sure to hit the “follow” button below to receive email updates of when the next post is up, or follow me on Twitter. xoxo Anisa


2 thoughts on “Bloguary Day 1- Best Beauty Products of 2014- The Beauty Blender | GimmeMyMascara

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