Winter Beauty Essentials & The Perfect Holiday Look | Gimmemymascara

I think it’s safe to say that beauty bloggers and YouTubers take changing seasons VERY seriously. The second the month, or seasons change, my subscription box overflows with “monthly favorites,” “seasonal favorites” and “seasonal essentials.” It’s normal for our skin, makeup routine and hair care routine to change according to our environment. This post is all about my winter beauty essentials and getting the perfect winter, holiday ready look.

Holiday Ready: Smokey Eyes 

IMG_1262The second someone mentions winter and makeup my brain immediately jumps to red lips and smokey eyes.  Glittery golds with a warm tone and high sheen are most popular this time of year. My favorite gold would have to be Half Baked from Urban Decay, it’s a warm toned shadow with a golden undertone. PS- this shadow can be bought separately or in most Urban Decay palettes. 

If you’re wondering what an undertone is, let me explain. An undertone is the colour or tone that shows through the initial eyeshadow colour you apply. Most gold eyeshadows have a yellow undertone, and show up as more of a yellow-gold versus a gold-gold. However, this Urban Decay shadow is actually a gold-gold, AKA the best there is. It won’t show any specs of yellow, brown, or red through it.  The brown can make your eyes look muddy and the red or yellow tones can make you look tired, and sometimes sick. A gold undertone helps you look more awake and gives your eyes a more bright eyed look. 

Somedays I prefer a warmer brown-gold shadow to add some sparkle to my eye without it being too IMG_1290intense. Both of these colours together blend better onto the eyes and won’t stand out in an awkward, overly bright way. To avoid the muddy eyed look I mentioned earlier, I use the  Morphe Shadow in ES20. This shadow is very warm toned, which works best on darker, olive, or tan skin like mine. For lighter skin tones, blend this shadow over the lid AND into the crease for the perfect amount of definition. PS- Morphe shadows are only $2, you just can’t go wrong. 

To the bottom/left is the Urban Decay Half Baked shadow and to the upper/right is the Morphe ES20 shadow

To the bottom/left is the Urban Decay Half Baked shadow and to the upper/right is the Morphe ES20 shadow

To go along with gold, sparkly eyes, you need a red lip. A red lip is classic during the holidays, and helps pull together any look.

Holiday Ready: Red Lips

 Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 10.34.36 PMMy trick to applying red lipstick and helping it’s longevity is to first apply a lip liner or the lipstick itself with a small brush around the lips, and fill it in. Apply your lipstick. Then take a tissue, hold it onto your lips, and apply translucent or setting powder over the tissue. When you remove the tissue some lipstick may transfer, just apply another thin layer and your look should be set in stone. The powder helps absorb the oils from the lipstick so it won’t slide off as easily.

One of my favorite red lipsticks is Rimmel’s moisture renew lipstick in Diva Red, it’s a true red with a blue undertone which is great for helping your teeth look whiter and brighter. My favorite liner is Rimmel’s invisible moisture renew lip linerIt smoothes out your lips, helps lipstick stay on longer and it’s clear. That means you can wear it with ANY lipstick or lipgloss and it won’t change the colour of your product, it’s universally flattering, its a total money saver, and its’ a work of sheer genius. 

IMG_1246  IMG_1247  IMG_1255

Extra Tips & Tricks! 

Some other tips for getting winter makeup ready would be to always prime your skin to avoid flaking or caking, if you need help with primers and picking one that works best for you, have a look at THIS post. I would also suggest a strong brow as it not only makes you look younger but brows frame your face and it adds a new layer of depth to the makeup. To complete this look, try adding some highlighter to your cheekbones, cupids bow, and any high points of the face you want to draw attention to. Highlighted skin is also great for the winter because it adds a fresh, illuminated glow to what might otherwise look like dull, lifeless skin.

If you try out any of my recommendations, send a picture to my TwitterInstagram, or post it below. I would love to see your holiday looks. 

Happy Holidays. xoxo Anisa


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