My name is Anisa and I am a makeup addict.

My name is Anisa and I am a makeup addict. 

Group: Hi Anisa

Councillor: Let’s hear your story, what brings you here?

Well, I knew I was an addict when I was sitting in the library at school writing a blog post about DIY face moisturizers and masks  when I decided I needed a pen to jot something into my agenda. I unzipped the smaller pouch of my backpack and saw my Kardashian Khroma lipgloss in wildflower honeywhich I totally forget I even had. I pushed it aside and there was my $31 Dior Addict lipgloss under it, and another under that. I decided it would be easier to take all the lip products out of my bag to find my pen and then, well, then this happened. 

photo 1 (1)

You might look at this picture and think “wow, this girl is crazy. She keeps her whole lipstick and lipgloss collection in her backpack?” Yeah, right. This is a VERY small percentage of the lip glosses I own and truthfully, this happens to me a lot. I’ll open a small section of my bag or 1 drawer in my room and out comes a million products.IMG_3485

Now, any true beauty addict knows that even though some products might look like they’re the same colour or hold a similar purpose, (unless they’re repurchased), they are WORLDS apart. Of course dupes exist and all but they are never the exact same product. The packaging is different, or the undertone of one is cooler than the undertone of another. Sometimes the finish might be different, or the applicator… there are just so many things to consider here. 


Having a makeup addiction definitely has it’s ups and downs. On the bright side, I never really run out of a product and I can always try out a new look or switch up my everyday look. I have so many things to play around with and I always have so much fun doing my makeup with crazy colours and products.

On the down side, have you ever really thought about how much your makeup costs? What about everything on your face right now? How much did you spend on the products on your skin right now alone?

I remember counting this amount a couple years ago and being shocked at the number in front of me, $750. Not for my whole collection, not for the products I have bought since I first started wearing makeup to that day but only the cost of what was on my face at that particular moment.

As I write this blog my face “costs” a whopping $729.00. Then there’s always tax, oh these pesky taxes. Taxes make this number jump to $824 dollars. Honestly, I’m too scared to even count how much my brushes or sponges cost, they’re just as expensive as the products they apply. (And then there’s the extra $37 worth of MAC Cleanse Off Oil to take all this stuff off at the end of the day.)

You might think I’m kidding, or over exaggerating but this number is no joke. Here’s my hard solid evidence of where this number came from…

Product Price
FAB Moisturizer $30
Benefit POREfessional $37
Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer $35
Tarte Maracouja Creaseless Concealer $29
MAC Studio Fix Powder Foundation $33
Essence Matte Setting Powder $5
Too Faced Milk Chocolate Bronzer $38
Tarte Energy Blush $10
Benefit Sugarbomb Blush $36
Benefit Watts Up $36
MAC Skin Finish in Soft and Gentle $37
ELF Brow Kit $3
Benefit GimmeBrow $26
UDPP- Eye Primer $24
Urban Decay Naked Pallet $64
MAC shadow in Brulee $19
Essense Shadow Pallet in Tropical Island $5
Loreal BlockBuster Liner $13
Loreal Carbon Black Lineur Intense Liner $13
Nars Vie Vineto Eyeliner- Tightline $28
Stila Stay All Day Liner in Damsel- Waterline $26
Lancome Cils Booster Mascara Primer $29
Tarte Light Camera Lashes Mascara $24
Benefit They’re Real Mascara $29
Burts Bees Lip Balm $7
Too Faced Melted Lipstick in peony $25
Dior Addict Gloss- 576 Bed of Roses $31
Urban Decay de slick setting spray $37

I think it’s clear to say I have a bit of a makeup obsession. And as they say, if you don’t have pictures, it didn’t actually happen so here’s my proof. I’ve also included a few photos of my makeup collection, and some DIY makeup holders I made. Just some things I think you’ll find enjoyable to see.


These are the makeup holders I made

Typically what my room looks like once I get ready for the day, or to film a video.. OOPS

Typically what my room looks like once I get ready for the day, or to film a video.. OOPS


IMG_3457     IMG_3464     IMG_3460      

 IMG_3451    IMG_3466     IMG_3465IMG_3463

Yup. Definitely a makeup addict. How much does your face “cost” as you read this? Comment below xoxo Anisa ❤


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