#GimmePrimers – How to prime like a pro

If you’re on YouTube as much as I am, you’ve probably heard about primers and seen countless Get Ready With Me videos that start off by priming the skin. For years now I never used a primer, not even on my oily, pore filled face. I didn’t use a primer because I didn’t know what the heck it was or which one I should bother trying. I’ve since learned almost everything there is to know about primers and I am here to teach you everything you need to know about priming your skin!

What Is A Primer? What does it do? 

A primer acts as a barrier between your skin and the makeup you apply, whether it be foundation, concealers or a powder. It helps smooth your skin and the cream or gel consistency, found in most primers is what helps to fill in your pores or fine lines and wrinkles.  By smoothing out your skin before you apply makeup you ensure that the makeup has a nice base to sit on. A primer will also help your makeup stick better and last longer. And since the makeup isn’t directly touching your skin, it won’t irritate you or break you out.

Imagine trying to make your bed look perfect before you run out the door, you have to fix the sheets, layer by layer so the top sheet, or comforter can sit wrinkle free. If you don’t fix the sheets underneath and you try to throw your comforter on top instead, it shows. Your comforter will wrinkle up, bunch in certain areas and pull in others. The same goes for your skin.

Did You Know: You can also apply a BB or CC cream in the morning, which will prime your skin and give you light coverage at the same time! Perfect for those days you’re running late.

How can I find the right primer for my skin? 

Now that you know you NEED a primer, and can’t wait to see how amazing your skin is going to look with it on, you’re probably wondering which one you should try.. here are my favorites. 

        For oily skin and/or large pores: The Benefit POREfessional   

IMG_1314The POREfessional is the number one primer on the market, and for good reason. This primer has a silicone/ gel constancy, leaving skin soft for hours. The POREfessional, like most primers, also has salicylic acid in it which is what’s used in most acne treatments. Not only will a good primer help to prevent breakouts, it can also help with previous ones. The POREfessional also helps to mattify the skin and help control oil all day. It retails for $37 Canadian and can be found at Sephora, Shoppers Drug Mart, or a Benefit beauty boutique. You can also find a generous size sample of this product for $12 if you want to try it out before making a full commitment.

      For red spots or redness in your skin: The Bare Minerals Neutralizing Primer  

IMG_1307This primer is perfect to cancel out the redness in your skin because it’s YELLOW. Not a bright yellow, but a light mix of a yellow and a salmon. These two colours together will help cancel out the redness in your skin, or spots and the darkness in your under eyes. This product does a phenomenal job of neutralizing the skin so you won’t need to use as much foundation to cover up the discolouration AND it also works amazing at helping your makeup stay on longer. When you first apply and pump out this product it will feel wet and runny but it blends into your skin quickly, effortlessly and flawlessly and will dry to a matte, powder finish. You can find this primer at Sephora for $28 Canadian.

      For when you need your makeup to stay put: The Benefit Stay Flawless 15 Hour Primer  

IMG_1308If you don’t have a problem with discolouration, large pores or excessively oily skin then the Stay Flawless primer by Benefit Cosmetics is perfect for you. This primer comes in a stick form and can easily be applied anywhere on the face or neck. The stick dispenser is great for being both quick and clean with your makeup as touching your skin too much or using dirty brushes can cause acne. This primer does have a certain tacky quality to it, which may sound odd but that’s why it’s so great, the foundation just sticks right on to it and does NOT budge. I would recommend placing this primer just where you plan to apply makeup, do not apply it all over the face if you don’t plan to apply foundation or concealer over it. You may also want to blend it out slightly if you see or feel it has applied too thick. Once you get the hang of it, like anything else in life, it only gets better and better. This primer retails for $38 Canadian.

Have you ever tried a primer? What made it to your favorites this month? Leave it in the comments below, you never know, I might find a new favorite! Until next time, xoxo Anisa


5 thoughts on “#GimmePrimers – How to prime like a pro

  1. Hi Anisa!

    I really love how informative your blog post is. I am a fair user of makeup and yet, I feel that there are still things I can learn. For example, I have never really paid attention to the color of primers. Thus, I learnt from you that the salmon colored primers were used to cancel out redness, as opposed to the transparent primers that are primarily used to enhance the longevity of one’s make up. Also, I liked how you recommended specific brands of primers even though your topic was ‘How to Prime Like a Pro’. This is especially helpful for a beginning that is looking to invest in a good primer. In terms of scanability, I was able to pick up the gist of your blog post simply by reading the headings that were color coded in blue. All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed your blog post!



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